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Conkrete Studio | Reamping - Mixing - Mastering for metal bands


Studio for ROCK / METAL bands


The Great Old Ones – Loudblast – Gorod – Mercyless – ETHS – Otargos – Lokurah –  Eryn Non Dae. – Undead Prophecies – Defeated Sanity – Abyssal Ascendant – Simplixity – Fleshdoll – We All Die (Laughing) – Zubrowska – Anata – Naïve – Gnô – Minushuman – Cenesthesie – Mörglbl – The Black Noodle Project – Antheus – Silent Opera – Dungortheb – Breakdust – Sangre Eterna – Temnein – Beneath My Sins – Putrid Offal – K.A – Kopper8 – Dysmorphic – Doctor Zaius – Blue Meadows – Architect Of Seth – Novembre – Reverse The Rules – Hell In Town – Chronicles – Blood Ages – Nephalokia – Seven Eyed Crow – Scars On Murmansk – Warattah – Inside Conflict – Shoot The Pianist – SixFlyingPutanas – Emia – Jenx – Sunken – Swim In Styx – Lugh – Line Of Sight – Recueil Morbide – Stratageme – Big Ben – Malemort – Jarell – Ommatidia – 9 Fake Reasons – The Black Noodle Project – FurYens – Black Juju Inc – The Fundamental Wisdom Of Chaos – Venere – Inhume – SUP…..


XenoKorp Records – Listenable Records – Metal Blade Records – Season Of Mist – Massacre Records – Debemur Morti Productions – Mighty Music – Kaotoxin – Great Dane Records – …



Founded in 2004, CONKRETE STUDIO has rapidly become one of France’s most celebrated metal recording studios. Run by Mobo, former bassist for BUMBLEFOOT and PLUG-IN, who is also a video game music composer. Notably, he worked on games like Nightmare Creatures 1 & 2 (with ROB ZOMBIE on the second one) and Double Kick Heroes (the zombie bashing heavy-metal rhythm game).

CONKRETE STUDIO offers recording, mixing, and mastering services tailored specifically to metal bands. They have collaborated with renowned acts such as GOROD, THE GREAT OLD ONES, ETHS, MERCYLESS, SUP and LOUDBLAST.

If you seek powerful yet crystal-clear mixes or masters, look no further. With over 35 years as a metalhead and 30 years as a bass player, Mobo isn’t just a producer and engineer; he’s also an experienced musician who often understands your music even better than you do.


Metal Producer

You recorded your band but can’t get that pro sound out of your recordings ?

You’ve done a nice mix, but when you try to master it, you just end up destroying your work ?

Gimme a shout and we’ll sort it out !


February 10, 2020 in en, studio

Cursed Mantis are crazy

Currently putting the final touch to the mixing/mastering of Cursed Mantis new album. If you like bands like Pryapisme or Igorrr, you'll probably feel right at home with these crazy…
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May 2, 2019 in en, studio

Temnein back at Conkrete Studio

I'm currently mixing the new album by Temnein. It's the second time we're working together. We recorded 10 songs last month in the center of France, surrounded by volcanos. I…
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April 5, 2019 in en, studio

Now mixing Jean Fontanille’s new cover album

I'm stoked to be mixing Jean Fontanille's new cover album! Jean has been a very good friend for decades now. He even played in my band Plug-In back in the…
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December 23, 2018 in en, studio

Undead Prophecies back at Conkrete Studio

The mysterious Death-Metallers from Undead Prophecies are back at Conkrete Studio. I just finished the mastering of their new album "Sempiternal Void".  What a blast !! Oldschool death-metal at its best!!…
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November 28, 2018 in en, studio

New EP with Blood Ages

A couple of years ago, I worked with Blood Ages on their massive album "Godless Sandborn". I'm now back in Toulouse to record a new EP with these crazy dudes.…
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August 30, 2018 in en, studio

New K.A album is coming

The floor is trembling, the walls are shaking... No worries, it's just that I'm mixing the new K.A album, featuring Kevin Paradis on the drums. Utter darkness and violence, death-metal…
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October 12, 2017 in en, studio

New The Black Noodle Project album mixing process almost done

The mixing process of the new The Black Noodle Project album is alsmost done. What a beautiful album. Also had the chance to play the bass on the whole record,…
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August 8, 2017 in en, studio

New Eryn Non Dae recording in process

The recording process for the new Eryn Non Dae. album is on its way. The songs are slowly building up, and I can safely say this will a monster of…
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June 29, 2016 in en, studio

Some news !

Bit of news ! It's been a long time... - The mix/master of the new THE GREAT OLD ONES album is almost finished. Incredible album from start to finish, prepare…
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Name’s Déhà, huge fan of Mobo’s works since Amiga games. Years later I gave Mobo my album with Arno Strobl, We All Die (Laughing), mix & master. He worked quickly, badassly and understood the whole concept. He gave THE sound to our album with THE production we were looking for. Gorod, Eryn Non Dae, … Need I say more? Mobo’s the man. Or a Legend?


Mobo turns standard metal straight into Metal on Steroids ! We had the chance both with Gnô and Mörglbl to have our albums mastered by the über master from Conkrete Studio, and we were blown away !!! Jabs in the face !
The guy not only rocks but he is a gem to work with. Thumbs up… Huh… Fists up !!!

Christophe GodinMORGLBL, GNO

Mobo mastered the two albums of our band NAÏVE (“The End” and “Illuminatis”). With him on board, you fucking get what you fucking need. He gets everything clearer, louder, and more powerful than ever. Plus the man is an absolutely fantastic human being. Don’t hesitate if you want your record to sound like it deserves to. Fire at will!!


1 EP and 2 albums of our band LOKURAH have been mixed and mastered by CONKRETE STUDIO with some recording too (almost all the 1st album, drums and bass reamping for the second one. Everything sounds powerful and fat for us since 2005 and this sound has made a big difference for us to emerge among tons of bands !



"The pristine-clean production helps this sound get even more polished, yet some songs on the album juggle some true brutality into the album and create a sense of variation between the evergrowing family tree of death metal." -


Eryn Non Dae.

"A trvly stifling wall of sound is constructed when the going gets heavy, but the carefully crafted contributions of the rhythm section are never silenced or overshadowed in the mix. " -



"After listening to such a masterpiece like Ankaa, you will quickly realize it is no wonder Eths are considered by many the most prominent and innovative French band of all time." -


The Great Old Ones

"Beyond all of the Lovecraft associations and songwriting skills and details, this band just plain sounds cool. The production is absolutely impeccable, capable of handling both the massive atmosphere and gargantuan heft." -


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