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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you record our album if we have it mixed in another studio ?

Short answer : no.
Long answer : well, I might, if I really love your band. That said, it’s will be very frustrating for me, knowing I won’t get to toy with your songs afterwards.

Will you mix our album if we record it ourselves or have it recorded in another studio ?

Short answer : YES !
Long answer : Please get in touch BEFORE recording, to ensure you will provide me with everything I need to make your music sound as it deserves !

Will you master our album if we have it mixed in another studio ?

Short answer : yes !
Long answer : yes, definitely !

Can you do a free mixing or mastering test ?

No, although a test on one track is possible, at the regular mixing or mastering price.

Are you ok if we have your mix mastered in another studio ?

Short answer : yes, if you involve me in the process.
Long answer : I’m also a mastering engineer. If you check my porfolio, you’ll see I have done quite a few masterings already. You’ll also notice I have mastered most of my mixes. Actually, I’m very reluctant to have my mixes mastered by someone else. The first time it happened, I wasn’t involved in the mastering process, and it was a disaster. My mix was completely destroyed (and it was in a quite well known mastering studio). This is why I master everything I mix for free.

Wait, did you say that if we pay for the mix, you'll do the mastering for free ?

Short answer : yes.
Long answer : That also means it won’t be cheaper if you don’t want me to master your album. Let’s face it, that’s a win/win situation. You’re happy because you get a mastering for free, and I’m happy because I get to control how the album will sound until the end !

Can you help us with CD duplication / Online distribution ?

Yeah, sure ! I have long time partners in the CD duplication business, I can help find the right one, and help you with the paper work ! I can also recommend good places to make your music available on online stores like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and such…

We need some artwork, can you help us ?

Yeah sure ! I know many amazing artists who would love to work with you. Get in touch, we’ll sort this out !

Gimme a shout and we’ll sort it out !