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You’ll need to get in touch with some info to get an accurate quote. I need to know how many tracks you want me to mix or master, how long your album is, and when you need it done. For mixing, please get in touch BEFORE recording, to ensure I get everything I need to mix your music.

The cost is 350 euros per song.

The more songs, the cheaper. Usually, for a full album, we’re somewhere between
2500 and 3500 euros

If your album is made up of many very short songs, or a few very long songs, please get in touch for an accurate quote!


Please make sure your songs are not mixed to hot. Give me at least a -6dB headroom. Send the songs in the resolution and frequency they were mixed in. The prices below are for standard length songs. Get in touch if your album is made of many very short songs or a few very long songs to get an accurate quote!

1 song: 60 euros
2 songs: 115 euros
3 songs: 165 euros
4 songs: 210 euros
5 songs: 250 euros

40 euros
per additional song.

– CD Sequencing: 80 euros per album. (includes tracks transitions, indexing, CD-TEXT (artists, track titles, ISRC, EAN/UPC, etc…). Delivered as a DDP image file online.
– CD Sequencing + Physical delivery on 4 CDs: 130 euros per album (2 audio master copies, 1 listening copy, 1 DDP copy)
– Additional mastering version for streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, etc…)
– Additional mastering version for vinyl
– Stem mastering
Drop me a message for an accurate quote!

– Mastering is FREE OF CHARGE on everything I mix !



Guitar Reamping

1 song : 100 euros
2 songs : 180 euros
3 songs : 240 euros
+ 40 euros per additional song.

– Get in touch a while before reamping if you have particular amp needs. I’ll probably need a little time to find the right head.

Bass Reamping

1 song: 50 euros
2 songs: 90 euros
3 songs: 120 euros
+ 20 euros per additonal song.

– Reamping will be done through an Ampeg SVT III. Please get in touch if you have specific needs.

Get in touch now!